Saturday, January 21, 2017

Reading & Sharing in the #MTBoSBlogsplosion

Round #3 of the #MTBoSBlogsplosion is all about reading & sharing, which really, is what the MTBoS is all about; collaborating with and ultimately learning from other math educators.  Since going public with my twitter account over a year ago and got introduced to the MTBoS, I have connected with so many other amazing math teachers all over the world, and have brought things into my own middle school math classroom, that I never would have thought of on my own.  So here are some of the specific blogs and posts that have helped me become a better math teacher:

Math = Love is one of my favorite go-to math blogs.  I even used this Broken Circles task that Sarah posted about last July for my first day of school activities for my 7th & 8th graders this past year!  I also was inspired to bring the game of Set into my math club after reading this post. I cannot wait!

Crazy Math Teacher Lady is another one of my favorites.  I was really inspired by this post from this past November on what is good teaching.  I find that I can relate to so much of what she says, especially about trying real hard to be awesome, just ask any of my students.

I was introduced to Vi Hart  just this year.  I shared her videos on doodling in math for my Fibonacci Day celebration with my 6th, 7th, and 8th graders this year.  I will also be sharing her videos on hexaflexagons with my 8th graders in our current unit on geometric transformations.

Math with Bad Drawings is a new blog that I started following because of this post earlier this month on Why Mathematicians Are So Bad at Math? which was a very interesting read.

I love Math Easy as Pi because she is a fellow middle school math teacher, with really great classroom ideas.  I am also really interested in her Books Worth the Read list.

Communicating Mathematically and I Speak Math are two other inspiring middle school math blogs that I love to check out.  Ironically both have referenced Desmos activities lately, which makes sense because Desmos is great and a tool I am using more and more in my classes this year (my 7th & 8th graders use it pretty regularly, and it is my goal to introduce it to my 6th graders before the end of the year).

Another great middle school math blog to check out is Middle School Math Rules especially when I need organizational tips.

Last but definitly not least is Roots of the Equation.  This is the blog of one of my friends, and current high school math teacher.  He is an amazing math teacher, who has helped tutor me in math in college, and this past Spring when I was studying for my Math Content Praxis.  I would have loved to have been a student in one of his classes.