Saturday, January 7, 2017

MTBoS 2017 Blogging Initiative: My Favorites

As a math teacher, and fellow member of the MTBoS, this week they posted about the MTBoS 2017 Blogging Initiative.  This week's theme is "My Favorites," so here are some of my favorite go-to resources that I have used so far this year:
  • Mathalicious - Great real-world, engaging middle & high school math lessons.  My $10/month subscription is totally worth it.  I have used it in all three grades that I teach this year.  A great resource!
  • Illuminations - How could anything by the NCTM not be great?  Great tasks and lessons I have, again, used in my 6th, 7th, and 8th grade Algebra 1 classes!
  • Illustrative Mathematics - Great tasks, broken down by Common Core Standard.
  • NRICH - I have used the tasks on here both with math club and just yesterday, with my 8th grade Algebra 1 class and with one of my 6th grade classes.  Very engaging, especially for differentiating up.
  • Mathematics Assessment Project - I have used some of these as homework problems this year.  Tasks are broken down by standard and come with rubrics.
  • Inside Mathematics - Great grade-level performance tasks, also with rubrics.
  • TED-Ed Mathematics -   Interesting videos on a variety of topics.  I mostly use the math or science ones, usually as a launch for lessons or to make connections.
  • Desmos Classroom Activities - I've used Desmos with both my 7th and 8th grade Algebra 1 students so far this year, and hope to introduce my 6th graders to it by the end of the year. Perfect for graphing linear and non-linear functions!
  • My favorite project so far this year, besides the Stock Market Game, has been the Road Trip Project that came from Carl's Teaching Blog.  My 7th graders definitely have had the best projects this year - this one was perfect for out linear relationships unit.  So much fun! My 6th graders also made their own Fraction Cookbooks, which they really enjoyed.
  • Lastly, a resource that I haven't used yet, but am very much looking forward to using this year are Dan Meyer's Three Act Tasks (hopefully to blog about in the very near future).  


  1. Welcome to the 2017 Blogging Initiative! I am also a middle school teacher, and so I just had to check out your blog when I saw it on the list.

    I also teach all three grades 6-8, so I know how tough it must be to have three preps. Those are some interesting links you provide, though I've never used any of them in my class. I actually played the Stock Market Game back when I was a young sixth grader.

    I look forward to reading your blog the next three weeks. I know that Dan Meyer's 3-Act Tasks are enjoyable, so I can't wait to see how your students will react to them.

    1. Yeah, it is rough teaching all three grades, for sure. We should definitely connect, since we are teaching the same age group. I have used all of these this year (some for the first time) I like what they have added so far. Looking forward to your posts too!

  2. Hi, I also teach grade 6 and 7 however it is my first time with cmp3. we also start covering and surrounding. I would like to appreciate any help from you. I do not know how other teachers are doing with cmp3. Thanks a lot.