Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Last Week of School, MfA, NYTL Summit, Google Certification, ATMNYC Conference

The summer solstice may have occurred on Monday, but all NYC teachers know that summer doesn't actually start until next Tuesday at noon.  Yes, we are 3 and a half school days away from summer break!  I remember around this time last year, after I knew for sure that I would be working at my current school, I walked to what would be my new building one afternoon, and just looked at the outside, and wondered which of those rooms would one day be mine, and no here we are...

What Are My Kiddies Up To This Week...
So how exactly does one keep 7th graders mathematically engaged for a double period at the end of the day during the last week of school?  Well, with TED Ed and zombies of course!  My 7th graders explored the bridge riddle in class today and the engagement was through the roof!  They loved it.  We followed up a gallery walk of their work no chart paper, this article and these NRICH tasks.  I totally recommend it!  It was the right balance of challenging and fun for my kids.  Oh and right before we explored the bridge riddle we watched John Lewis' twitter feed as the House floor sit-in began because history is happening, which just made me think about just how fast info is shared today.

My 6th graders are finishing up their Data to Make a Difference statistics project and infographics.  On Friday, both classes are presenting their work to each other during a gallery walk/ math fair.  I love how this project came out and is one I will definitely do again.

As for next week, we have our end of year survey (which I am in the process of modifying), the top 100 things we learned in math this year, one final TED Talk, and Pop Up toasts with my advisory.

I am officially an MfA Master Teacher finalist!  I have my interview next month and I am looking forward to it.  I picked out my topic for my presentation from one of my old Bank Street math exploration papers.  Now that the Praxis and application are behind me, I think I have a real shot at getting in.  More to come...

NYTL Summit, Google Certification, ATMNYC, Teaching Matters
The NYTL Summit was last week, and I feel great about our project to make our students more self-reflective through blogging.  I am so lucky to work with this team who is so open to my ideas and are such wonderful educators! I started working toward my Level 1 Google Certification last week.  It is a small summer goal of mine.  Another summer goal is to start working on my Teaching Matters micro-credentials.  I also signed up for the ATMNYC Conference in November, which will be at Hunter in November.

Still more to come, but that's all for now... here's to an amazing end of the school year!

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