Wednesday, June 29, 2016

EOY Student Survey & Reflection, Summer Goals

Is there anything more perfect than waking up that first morning after the last day of school?  I did respond to two work emails this morning, but I was in bed, so totally vacation mode ;)  I didn't want this day to go by without me reflecting on my year and setting some goals for the summer.  There are nine weeks between now and when we go back  to school and I want to make them count, so here it goes...

EOY Student Survey & Reflection
I gave my students an end-of-year survey as their last homework assignment.  I didn't know if we were going to have access to computers during the last two days of school, so I didn't have them do it in class.  The feedback I got from them was useful, however, only about half of them responded, which is a potential flaw in my data (yes, I am still in the mindset of our last 6th grade unit on statistics and data analysis).  Based on the students who responded, some of my noticings include:

  • Overall my students feelings about math are mostly positive now compared to the beginning of the school year
  • Most of my students consider themselves mathematicians, but not all
  • Most of my students felt like they learned a lot this year
  • I need to work on finding more challenging work, as most students felt neutral when asked if they felt challenged in class this year (hopefully my Gifted classes at Hunter will help with that this summer)
  • Most of my students felt that this class connected to their lives, but there is room to grow there
  • None of my students who responded felt disrespected by me
  • Surprisingly, my students overall felt I gave them good feedback on their work, which is ironic because I always feel like this is an area that I need help with
  • Overall my students felt that I had high expectations for them and most students felt comfortable enough to ask questions in class
  • Not unexpectedly, the favorite projects of the year were the Coke Project and Data to Make a Difference projects for 6th grade and the Gameathon project for my 7th graders.  What this means for planning for next year, is how can I do more of that memorable, rich work with my students?
Again, only about half of my students responded, which kinda sucks, but was expected since I was a homework assignment and not classwork, but I feel good about how this year went and what I can work on for next year.

We also reflected on the year as a staff during our PL time on Monday, with questions adapted from Elena Aguilar.  We reflected on this year, the summer, August/Fall, and next school year.  My biggest goals center around preparing to flip my Algebra 1 class, and setting a stricter tone in my class, not that I wasn't strict this year, but since this my first year at the school, I feel like I let some things slide that I normally wouldn't have because I was still getting a feel for my school's culture.  Next year, I will be more confident in how I want my classroom to run using what I already know as an educator and as a veteran teacher at my school.  As it looks right now, almost all the 7th & 8th grade teachers besides myself will be new to our school next year, so consistency will be important, and I am optimistic that I will be able to rise to the challenge.  

Summer Goals
As for summer, here are my goals...
  • I would love to keep blogging on here, at least weekly, to stay in a productive mindset.  I know how quickly it is to get lazy, and don't want to fall into the trap and wake up and having it be Labor Day.  Specifically, I would love to have my unit plans and IAs done for all three grades before we go back, which is a lot of work, but will make my life so much easier next year.
  • Personally, I have been studying Spanish on Duolingo and I am currently 46% fluent.  I would love to be at at least 75% fluent by the time school starts back up
  • On my professional summer reading list is Flip Your Classroom and Mathematical Mindsets as well as just-for-fun summer reading books
  • Become a Google Certified Educator
  • Rock my MfA interview next month
  • Get something productive out of my Gifted Education classes at Hunter.  The summer institute is 6 weeks long and I plan on taking the CST as soon as I can after that
  • Create a Donors Choose project for some iPads for my class next year

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