Wednesday, June 15, 2016

EOY Rating, Next Year, Algebra 1, NYTL Summit...

And the magic number is 9!  Yes there are only nine days of school left this year!  Crazy, right?  Today our 6th graders had their Greek Olympics, which consisted of a neighborhood scavenger hunt (our school is in Astoria, after all), games, trivia, and the movie Hercules.  I was the leader of Team Sparta and being a math teacher, of course my team number was pi.  The kids had fun and we had fun too, but as with any field trip, I am ready for a nap, but not before I reflect on what's been going on in my classroom this past week...

EOY Rating & What I'll Be Teaching Next Year 
I had my end of year conference and got my end of year rating this week.  I received an overall Highly Effective, which I am proud of because I worked hard.  This was my first year going with option 1 (one formal and 3 informal observations).  My area of growth is (3d) using assessment in instruction, which will definitely be a focus of mine next year.  Speaking of next year, we got next year's organizational sheet, and I will indeed be moving up with my current 6th & 7th graders, and will also take on two sections of our incoming 6th graders.  I am excited (and a little stressed) to be doing 6th, 7th, and 8th grade/Algebra 1 next year, but I am optimistic, especially because I think there will be a lot of overlap between the grades.  We haven't seen a schedule yet, but it looks like I'll be seeing each class four days a week.  Again, it's a big undertaking, but I am up for the challenge, especially Algebra 1.

Algebra 1 10 Day Challenge
Speaking of Algebra 1, this week also started the Algebra 1 Teachers10 Day Challenge and have found it helpful.  I am not keeping up with it daily, but the resources provide a good framework for thinking about priorities for next school year, and I hope to fully flush it out this summer.

Flipped Classroom & Standards-Based Grading
Speaking of next school year, while at the gym I the pieces of the puzzle that is my classroom next year began coming together.  This is most definitely a work in progress, but right now the plan is I will be fully flipping my Algebra 1 class, have students move through the CMP3 investigations at their own pace in learning groups, assess using standards-based grading, and incorporate ePortfolios (which my 7th graders are beginning in class tomorrow, actually).  I am super excited about it and like I said, my vision came together while I was running at the gym, but I think it is do-able and I am pumped about it!

NYTL Summit, Micro-credentials, Google Certification, 175 PD Hours, Kahoot, Padlet
Some other things coming up include the NY Teacher Leadership Summit that I will be attending with a coworker on Friday and then my AP and two coworkers on Saturday.  I am looking forward to collaborating with Teaching Matters again and making our proposal happen at our school next year.  Also on my to-do list: earning micro-credentials, getting Google Certified, and building on my 175 PD hours that I submitted this week.  Also, I tried out Kahoot in my classroom last week and will be trying our Padlet tomorrow.

Teacher Interviews
Lastly, since our middle school is doubling next year, we have been interviewing.  In terms of core teachers, most of the 7th & 8th grade science, literacy, and social studies teachers will be new to our school and I will be the only (core) teacher moving up with our first graduating class, which is kinda crazy.  However, we have had some great candidates, that I think will really push my thinking, like the 6th grade teachers have this year.  I think we have some great things coming up on our horizon and I can't wait to continue to build and grow!

Favorite Resources
Lastly, I have been updating my Favorite MS Math (& Other) Resources with a bunch of new resources I have found, so be sure to check it out and let me know if you have others!


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