Wednesday, February 3, 2016

CMP3/ Curriculum, Standards-Based Grading, School Visit, Math Club, Spring Electives

Some things that have been on my math & art teacher mind lately...

CMP3/ Curriculum
I love teaching algebra!  It is truly where my heart is.  I am finishing up Moving Straight Ahead with my 7th graders and I think next year I'm just going to skip 8th grade and do Algebra 1 with them because it's so much more fun.  I love teaching slope and graphing and equations!

My 6th graders started Covering & Surrounding this week and I am getting more comfortable with what I can skip.  I'll also be doing the 7th grade package design project with them and have parents come in for their final presentations in the beginning of March.  Variables & Patterns will be our last unit before the state test in April, so more algebra!  Yay!

Standards-Based Grading
My independent PL cycle is going to be on standards-based grading.  I am hoping to start small this year, and see what works for me so I can fully implement it next year.  I've gotten some good input from the Facebook group that I've joined.

School Visit
Next week I'll be visiting the Brooklyn School of Inquiry with my AP.  I hope it is a productive visit and that I get some good ideas.

Math Club & Other Math Stuff
My Math Club is in the middle of their Gold-level project for the National Math Club.  I am looking forward to seeing their final presentations next week.  I've never been a gold level club before, which is kinda cool.  I also launched the St. Jude Mathathon this week, and the kids seemed interested.  Turn in has been slow so far, but I am optimistic.  I also told my 7th graders about the 2016 MoMathlon competition in April, and there is some interest, so hopefully we can get a team of 5 together and compete.  I've brought students to the Bronx one for a few years, so I know it's a great experience.  I'm waiting for the pi5ny competition to open up for this year so I can finally bring kids to that for the first time.   

The Math Club elective will end at the end of March, and I am thinking about what I should do next.  I could do a shorter Math Club elective with new kids, or I was thinking about meditation/ yoga, or maybe photography... decisions, decisions...  

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