Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Formal Observation Feedback

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Formal Observation Feedback
I received my AP's feedback from my formal observation earlier this week: Effective in 1e designing coherent instruction, 2a creating an environment of respect and rapport, 3b using questioning and discussion techniques, 3c engaging students in learning, 3d using assessment in instruction, and 4e growing and developing professionally; and Highly Effective in 1a demonstrating knowledge of content and pedagogy, and 2d managing student behavior.  In addition to component-specific feedback, my "glows" centered around activities, assignments, and discussion techniques.  My "grows" and next steps centered around instructional materials and resources.

Being that this is my first year teaching in a G&T school, a personal goal of mine is to visit another middle school G&T math classroom, specifically to learn how to better structure class time and curriculum, so that all students are engaged on intellectually challenging material.  I think a key component of this will be a move towards standard-based grading, where students are working on different material, while mastering the content.  My next 7th grade unit is on statistics and probability, and since I feel more comfortable modifying the 7th grade curriculum than the 6th grade, I think I may change up my current class structure.  I also signed up for a 6-week online PD from the NY Hall of Science on Design Thinking, which I will hopefully be able to get ideas on.  I also started applying to G&T certification programs for the summer.  I also began looking into NCTM conferences, Math in the City programs, NYC Math Project programs, and Math for America programs.  Must continue growing because I want to be the best!

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