Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Curriculum, curriculum, curriculum (part 2)

Every time I think I feel confident about which curriculum I am going to use next year, I end up with more questions than answers.  Ugh, it is very frustrating.

Today was day two of the CMP3 Institute and we did some more Investigations from the 6th grade unit, Prime Time, and I got some more good ideas about how to use CMP3 again in my classroom, and I left feeling pretty confident, that at least for 6th grade, CMP3 is the way to go.  Then, of course, during lunch I go back to researching and comparing CMP3 vs Engage (aka Eureka) and I have major doubts about the alignment.  All I know for sure is that I love the explorations in CMP3 (they fit my teaching style perfectly and teach mathematics deeply) but the focus & coherence of CMP3 is just not as good as Engage (see this post).

Not to add more pressure, but this little tidbit about my new school was also released yesterday, Astoria School Scores 100 Percent Passing Rate on State Math Exam: Data.  96% of my new seventh graders passed their 6th grade math exam.  Teaching G&T is going to be a whole new world for me, and as excited as I am, I feel even more pressure not to mess up.

Ugh, so much to think about in the next three weeks.  Double ugh, in exactly three weeks, tomorrow will be the first day of school.  Super excited to meet my new kids, but definitely feeling the pressure of the new year.

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  1. I totally understand what you are feeling Anna! I am going in to a new school as well, and I'm feeling really nervous and anxious as well. I've been teaching for a long time, and by now I should feel confident with my grapple on curriculum, but the pressure always seems to be on when you are entering a new community. Hope all goes well in the coming school year!!