Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Marbles and Math

Just read an interesting article on the connection between playing with marbles and math:

What I found most interesting was the paragraph: "To me the educational value is, you have to learn speed, spin, accuracy, eye-hand coordination," says Corely. It's very similar to pool, he says.  I spoke with experts who study games, who say marble games help kids hone their math skills because they're hands-on and visual. You can manipulate marbles using the laws of motion, force, geometry and physics and you can group them into sets, which is crucial to understanding math."

This was interesting because, again, it brings up the idea of "playing" and "learning something new" and being "hands on" which are all concepts that I am trying to bring into my math class.  It also mentions pool and it's tie in to mathematics, which I explored in one of my grad classes.  I learned early in my teaching adventure to always have a chess set in class (I think very teacher should, personally), but maybe I'll have to invest in a bag of marbles too this year?

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