Monday, July 28, 2014

Why Do American Stink at Math?

So I just finished reading this article about math teaching in the US and Japan:

It was an excellent read and definitely one of the inspirations for starting this blog.  It talks about how it is generally agreed upon that the mathematics education in this country is sub-par, not because we disagree about what are the best teaching practices, but because of the lack of support for teaching this way.  

Good teaching is truly an art form.  You have to balance content, with classroom management, with student engagement, with assessment.  Good teachers have to know their content well, and this is especially true of math teachers.  I can't speak for teachers of other subject areas, but at their core, good math teachers have to always be math learners as well.  I mean, isn't that the beauty of mathematics, that there is always something more to learn?

Being that it is almost August, I have been loosely thinking about next school year.  We ended last school year with some curriculum planning and, of course, I have been pinning tons of new ideas to my Education/Work/Teaching/Math Pinterest board so I already begun to plant the seeds for the upcoming school year.  Hopefully this blog will also be a positive source of reflection and feedback for me for the upcoming school year.       

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